How it Started

It all began in the summer of 2011. It was a bright and glorious summer. Everyone was young. Firework was playing. The water was luke. The pool was calling. We took to the air, and got caught in the moment.

What started as a facebook album quickly became an internet sensation. So we started this site, and soon people all around the world were diving in.

So every summer, we post the best dives for the world to see. Why? Well, because life is a little too short and a lot too serious and when the sun is shining, people should be lounging and laughing.

Which brings us to..

How to Leisure Dive

  1. Grab some friends, a decent camera, and head somewhere chill near a body of water. A swimming pool works. A lake will do. A river? You crazy.
  2. Put on a bathing suit. Or a linen suit. Or a koala suit. Anything leisurely.
  3. Grab something that says you are just a chilled out individual. A piña colada. A pitching wedge. A harpsichord. Whatever. We all unwind differently.
  4. Find a nice perch from which to jump. Make sure you have a leisurely backdrop and a safe landing.
  5. Now jump in, and embrace the leisure. Tip your glass. Pop your elbow. And most importantly, look at the camera with a face that says, “Does this suit make me look awesome?” The answer is yes. And, SNAP.

You’ve got your very own Leisure Dive.

It doesn’t always turn out perfect, but when it does, trust us: It feels like angels singing Journey on a double rainbow made of dreams.

That’s it. You’re ready to dive in. Peruse the site for inspiration, hit the pool, and post your best shots on Instagram and tag us @leisuredive and #leisuredive

Most of all, have fun with it. Because it’s summer, friends.

And leisure is in the air..